Where is Sara Danielle jewelry made?
All of our jewelry is proudly hand-fabricated in Sara's home state, in the city of West Linn, OR.  Artists earn a living, working wage in a cooperative environment.

Which metals are used to create Sara Danielle jewelry?
Each product description indicates the metal used in the pieces.  The materials we use to create our pieces include sterling silver, 14K gold-fill, 14K yellow, white, and pink gold, and 18K yellow gold.

Are all of your pieces available online?
Our online store carries a wide selection of our current work, in addition to items from recent collections.  We also have a sale section where you are likely to find older collections and overstock items. Please check out our retailers to find an even larger selection of Sara Danielle pieces that may be exclusive only to them.  As always, if you saw an item but cannot locate it, we are happy to create this item especially for you through the special order process.

Can I place a special order?
Absolutely!  We encourage it.  Please contact us and let us know what you have in mind.  We will follow up with you to gather details, give you a cost estimate, and let you know when you will have your finished piece completed.  Typically, special orders are completed within 2-6 weeks.

Can the length of a necklace be modified?
Yes.  Please contact us and let us know which piece you would like to have altered and to what length.  Changes to existing jewelry will likely incur an additional charge and be ready within approximately 1 week after contacting us.

Help!  I lost an earring but would like to have a pair again.  What should I do?
We will do our best to help!  Please contact us and we will check our stock to make sure we have the correct materials to recreate the earring.  Please note that we prefer to have the original sent to us so that we can match it to a new earring and make you the best pair possible.